CBD Buying Considerations

Choosing a product

The CBD marketplace is filled with many different types of products offering a variety of ways to administer CBD to your body. With so many options, it can be quite a daunting task when deciding which to choose. 

Tinctures offer an effective delivery being administered sublingually; however, they can also be added to beverages and foods allowing for a versatile delivery regimen.

Edibles are a fun an easy way of consuming CBD, allowing you to get your daily dose of CBD and enjoy a snack, at the same time. However, oral ingestion offers the least bioavailability, compared to other delivery methods, between 6-15%.

Administration by inhalation offers the quickest onset and bioavailability around 30%. However, if you don’t currently vape or smoke, please do not start.

Topicals are applied externally on the body, allowing you to target specific effected areas. 

Full-Spectrum vs Broad-Spectrum vs Isolate

You have probably seen or heard the terms full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate being used in your CBD search. Whether you are a soon-to-be first time CBD user or a regular CBD user, these three terms can be quite confusing. Let’s break it down.

These terms are used to define the type of CBD extract that is used in formulating a CBD product. Think of them as three non-identical triplets; they are all very similar, but all have their own individual identities. 

Full-spectrum oil contains CBD and several other minor cannabinoids
Borad-spectrum oil contains CBD and some other minor cannabinoids
Isolate oil contains CBD and no other cannabinoids

Third-Party Lab Testing

Any reputable and responsible CBD manufacturer will have their products tested by an independent third-party laboratory to ensure the quality and safety of the product. When you are looking to choose a reputable and high-quality CBD brand, you should inquire about their third-party test results; request copies of test reports associated with the product that you are interested in purchasing. Most things that we put into or onto our bodies (i.e. food, beverages, topicals) are tested by an independent third-party laboratory to ensure quality. 

CBD Product Pricing

You’ve done some research about what is CBD; maybe, you have even did some shopping around for different CBD products and brands. One thing that you may have noticed is that the pricing of CBD products are all over the place. This results from a couple different reasons:

The CBD marketplace is relatively new, making it less efficient than other marketplaces

Lack of Regulation & Quality of Products – The massive growth in the CBD industry, as a whole, has attracted many new players into the industry. However, the federal government has not issued the framework to regulate the industry. As this is the case, the market has been introduced with low-quality, mislabeled CBD products offered at below market prices.

Based on current market data, you can expect to spend $0.06 to $0.12 per mg of CBD for a hemp-derived CBD product.