Prior to creating Panda Styx, Jason Ngan was employed at an analytical testing lab that specialized in the testing of CBD products in the market for potency and safety. During his time there, he encountered low-quality CBD products, high-quality CBD products and everything in between. He encountered CBD products that were fairly priced and CBD products that were unfairly priced. With great visibility into the highly unregulated space of CBD, he decided to make it his mission to produce and offer high-quality CBD products at affordable prices to the general population.

Panda Styx, based in New England, offers a range of CBD products from vapes to tinctures to topicals. Our products contain hemp-derived CBD that is produced in the United States from vetted suppliers in Colorado, Oregon, Kentucky and Vermont. Every batch of product produced is analyzed and validated by a third-party independent testing lab.

A note from our founder:

"There is a lot of misperception and misinformation about CBD. We strive to educate the general population about CBD, so you can better understand what is it, how it works, how to use it and how to choose the product most suitable for your needs or the needs of your loved ones. It is one of our core goals to promote a self-loving and love-giving lifestyle. We understand that we all live in a stressful, busy world. Whether you are a millennial who is drowning in student debt and trying to make a name for yourself in your career or a young parent who is running from work to daycare or a retiree who enjoys spending time with your grandchildren, we all suffer from stress and face the challenges of finite time on this planet. We make sacrifices around our health, our family and our friends. We ask you to take a pause for a minute and reflect; and remember to love yourself and love your loved ones."